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Routty | From e-Invoicing to Intelligent Process Automation

Our History

Until 2013
The platform is commonly used for processing inbound supplier invoices

Our customers use the platform for the processing of supplier invoices, received on paper or through e-mail

2013 - 2015
Dynatos develops a central hub for exchanging e-invoices

On 12 July 2013, the Government of Flanders decided that the entities of the Government of Flanders must be able to receive e-invoices as from 1 January 2015. The electronic receipt of invoices must be the standard working method as from 1 January 2017. In anticipation of this requirement, Dynatos develops a central e-invoicing hub that seamlessly connects with the Mercurius Platform of the Flemish Governments in addition to connections with other e-invoicing networks. On a continuous basis, additional channels are added to the eInvoicing Platform for different customer needs.

The Belgian government chooses PEPPOL as their central platform for e-invoicing

The Belgian government identifies PEPPOL as the framework that enables the delivery of any procurement-related e-document from any sender to any receiver, in a suitable and affordable way.
There’s an increase in demand for quick & easy connections with the PEPPOL network. This provides a strong boost for the eInvoicing platform.

Our customers start using PEPPOL for B2B eInvoicing

Our customers learn the benefits of e-invoicing and in particular through the PEPPOL network. They start to use PEPPOL for B2B e-invoicing without transaction fees.

Routty is born!

Due to a strong increase in functionality for both inbound and outbound document flows, the name eInvoicing Platform becomes too narrow. The brand Routty is created.

Intelligent Process Automation

Routty adds more and more intelligent technologies to the platform. By adding Robotics Process Automation, Artificial Intelligent and other smart services, Routty is evolving into an Intelligent Process Automation platform.